Who is Daniela Farrugia and ‘Danescapes’?

Who is Daniela Farrugia and why should you travel with her?

Daniela started off her career some 20 years back when her and her brother released a recreation of a Maltese local HipHop song ‘Originali Bhali’ – which was a massive hit. Daniela owns a beauty salon ‘D Magnifique Beauty’, is a social media influencer and has a huge passion for travel.

Daniela’s passion for travel has been documented on her Instagram profile @daniela__farrugia. Her story highlights on her Instagram account, shows her first-hand experiences while travelling in countries such as Turkey, Seychelles, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Morocco, Curacao, Aruba, the list goes on. During her travels, her passion for travel kept growing and this led Daniela to create ‘Danescapes’, an organsiation offering tours that area created by traveller for travellers. Through ‘Danescapes’, Daniela wants to offer her followers and the public, the opportunity to travel and experience the world together. For this reason, ‘Danescapes’ by Daniela Farrugia is being operated in partnership/collaboration with globaltravelbook, a Maltese-based,licensed travel agency (TRA/G/32) and is covered by the Insolvency Fund – meaning that in the scenario the agency (local or foreign) is unable to provide the promised service, the customer is guaranteed their money back.

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